Friday, June 23, 2006


PRISON BREAK Season 1 Finale - PB has been awesome this year. The finale was a bit of a let down however - I think it was many cos the action went from the tense confined prison to the open expanse and that we had already seen the gang escape which was the of course the focus of the whole show. It will be very interesting to see if Season 2 can keep up the suspense now that they have broken out and are on the run! Not only are the Scofield's on the run from newly cast William Fichtner but what about the $5m? Or Veronica and the PRESIDENT'S brother? Not to mention Haywire and one hand T Bag! 4/5

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season 2 Finale - It was ok - the problem with this season two many little fluff plotlines like Susan and the doctor or Gabrielle and the nun, they should have run the good stories like Bree / George story the whole season long and given more attention to the Applewhite's. Still DH is always fun to watch but I really hope next year they come up with a better overall plot and bring back the darker humour of season 1.

Gonna check out the My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy and American Dad finales soon. Just started Lost Season 2! Yeah I know it's late but the first few eps have been awesome hope it matches Season one which was EXCELLENT... looks a lot more Sci-Fi - hope that JJ Abrams remembers that this one AIN'T Star Trek! ;)


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