Friday, June 23, 2006

Movies: Poseidon (Warner Bros) (2006)

So I saw this a few weeks ago and really I wish I didn't! I thought it was very average. Main problem: Why was it so short? It was only 90 minutes - how did Warners spend, or more accurately waste $165m on only 90 minutes and only one genuinely spectacular set piece?

The film plays out like this:

Titles (including very nice unbroken tracking shot of the ship) - 5 mins

We meet all the main characters - maybe 15 minutes max

Wave hits, all crazy heck breaks loose - 20 minutes

3 not very thrilling set pieces / escapes - 30 mins

Our motley bunch of survivors escape - 20 mins

The End!

They really should have spent more time establishing the characters, as soon as the wave hit there was no time to do this and thus I felt no empathy for them at all and didn’t really care who lived or died. In fact two of the three main deaths are very obviously signposted; the first because we know nothing about him and we no one someone's gonna die and the second because they set him up to be a real bastard just before his death!

The set pieces although well staged were also quite un-engaging for some reason. The main tidal wave crash is very good though and quite visceral.

The SFX were good though and it was quite grisly for a 12A / PG 13, but it just seemed like such a wasted opportunity. And I can’t believe Empire gave it 4/5 when M:I3 and X3 both got 3/5 and IMHO are both far superior. I'm not a big fan of Wolfgang Petersen but I genuinely expected more from him.

Also finally poor Josh Lucas – he’s a decent actor but now after The Hulk, Stealth and now this flopping he's three for three(only $45m at time of writing OUCH!)I bet the studios are terrified of casting him in any more blockbusters! 2.5/5


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