Friday, June 23, 2006

Music: Pharrell ft Kanye West - Number One

Another Hype vid - its ok nuthin amazing but very early MJ style so that's cool - but what's up with the empty borders Hype?!

I love the song though - it's the first great single from Pharrell's In My Mind album - Can I Have It Like That had a hot beat but the rap was poor and Angel was just crap. This however is excellent, really sounds like early Michael Jackson with nods to Blame It On The Boogie and Rock with You. Kanye's rap is cool but did he really need to talk over the chorus as well? This is Pharrell's songs not yours! ;)

Still A brilliant Neptunes classic a great summer club jam and just what you'd expect from a team up withthe hottest two RnB/Hip Hop producer/artists in the world.


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