Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round One: FIGHT!

Ok this is the first post so I have to make a good impression:

My name is Sumit and I live in London. I am 24 and I'm kinda bored - I always thought by the time I was 24 I'd be a millionaire living the high life yet bizarrely that hasn’t yet happened despite my best intentions. I wanted to set up a blog so I could share my fantastic opinions with everyone else on Earth. Everyone of importance has a web presence nowadays so it's about time I joined them!

I don’t know yet what this blog will be about but hopefully we'll have fun finding out.

Mainly it will be about what I love and above all I love films but not like how most people like films (Oh did you see that uhh move it uhh totally rocked uuhh you know the one with that dude from umm that other movie...) No I love films so much so that I can't wait for very Monday morning to see the weekend US numbers and studio appointments are more interesting to me than the latest Brad & Angelina goings on (well sometimes anyway) and forget this year I'm already anticipating next years films.

I also love music (mainly RnB & Hip Hop - doesn’t make me a rudeboy or thug or anything though), video games and lots of other stuff so this blog will feature whatever's catching my eye that day. I have a short attention span so expect things to change often. If you like what you see feel free to drop me a message and if you don’t, well lets just pretend you did and not mention it again...


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