Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Descions... Descions...

Haven't been able to post for a while thinking hard about getting a new job - anyone know of any vacancies at the Playboy Mansion? ;)

Seriously though I'm getting increasingly bored with the whole 9 to 5, there just comes a point when you think MAN I AM REALLY WASTING MY LIFE! There's gotta be more to this than just trudging to an office and sitting around, soon enough the scernerygets tired, the people get blander and the work becomes more fusyrtaingly mundane wheres the spark? That energy?

I need to get into something creative - movies, music - anyone in the same boat gimme a shout maybe we can hook up! ;) I'm looking around for software to programme beats simply. Just want to make some simple RnB Hip Hop maybe House style song - or even just beats but need a simple way to get into it - anyone know of anything good?

Working on a few ideas for movies and TV shows - just need the motivation to go thru with it - no point in having ideas but nothing to show for them right??

In the meantime got the SexyBack video for you coming soon! And some cool pics from Comic Con 2006...

Lock out for more soon!


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