Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman Is Back!

Ok it’s here! The first teaser to what’s by far my most anticipated film of 2007: SPIDER-MAN 3!

2007 will be a great year for films hopefully with the likes of: Life Of Pi, Sin City 2, Fantastic Four 2, Transformers, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3, The Simpsons Movie, Bee Movie, Ghost Rider and maybe even the next James Cameron epic but Spider-Man 3 is the one to see! Spidey in the classic black (symbiote?) suit vs. Sandman, Venom and two other baddies and what is on paper the most expensive film of all time (rumoured to be between $260m to $300m!!)

Spiderman 2 was an AMAZING (!) film that built on everything good in the first and then expanded it in every way possible. The set pieces especially the incredible clock tower / el-train battle were ripped straight form the comics but most importantly the film just captured the heart and spirit of the comics perfectly. I expect big things for Spidey 3 and hopefully this won’t be the last Raimi / Maguire!

Download the teaser here in lovely HD QuickTime!

Spider-Man 3
Official Website
Hi-Res (25.4Mb)
HD 480P (40.1Mb)
HD 720P (82.4Mb)
HD 1080P (126Mb)

If you want to see an even bigger version it will be attached to Superman Returns this weekend!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Music: Nelly Furtado - Loose

I have NEVER liked any of Nelly Furtado's previous music and I never got why she was so popular but I have to say I am loving Maneater (video above!) and Do It from the new album Loose. The album is produced by phicca-phicca Timbaland and is quite a change in direction for Furtado but the results are great RnB tinged fizzy pop! 3/5

Friday, June 23, 2006

Music: Pharrell ft Kanye West - Number One

Another Hype vid - its ok nuthin amazing but very early MJ style so that's cool - but what's up with the empty borders Hype?!

I love the song though - it's the first great single from Pharrell's In My Mind album - Can I Have It Like That had a hot beat but the rap was poor and Angel was just crap. This however is excellent, really sounds like early Michael Jackson with nods to Blame It On The Boogie and Rock with You. Kanye's rap is cool but did he really need to talk over the chorus as well? This is Pharrell's songs not yours! ;)

Still A brilliant Neptunes classic a great summer club jam and just what you'd expect from a team up withthe hottest two RnB/Hip Hop producer/artists in the world.


PRISON BREAK Season 1 Finale - PB has been awesome this year. The finale was a bit of a let down however - I think it was many cos the action went from the tense confined prison to the open expanse and that we had already seen the gang escape which was the of course the focus of the whole show. It will be very interesting to see if Season 2 can keep up the suspense now that they have broken out and are on the run! Not only are the Scofield's on the run from newly cast William Fichtner but what about the $5m? Or Veronica and the PRESIDENT'S brother? Not to mention Haywire and one hand T Bag! 4/5

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season 2 Finale - It was ok - the problem with this season two many little fluff plotlines like Susan and the doctor or Gabrielle and the nun, they should have run the good stories like Bree / George story the whole season long and given more attention to the Applewhite's. Still DH is always fun to watch but I really hope next year they come up with a better overall plot and bring back the darker humour of season 1.

Gonna check out the My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy and American Dad finales soon. Just started Lost Season 2! Yeah I know it's late but the first few eps have been awesome hope it matches Season one which was EXCELLENT... looks a lot more Sci-Fi - hope that JJ Abrams remembers that this one AIN'T Star Trek! ;)

India Vs USA! ;)

Ok folks who wins; Superman or Krrish?? OK Superman wins hands down but Krrish the first real Bollywood superhero movie looks VERY cool! And if they ever made a real Indian DC approved Superman like Marvel's awesome Indian Spider-man comic, then who better than Hrithik Roshan to play him?

Is it a bird??

Wow what a cool shot - not a big Superman fan but the early reviews are sounding awesome! Still wish Singer had done X3 instead! Most excitingly SPIDER-MAN 3 teaser will be attached to Superman! Now that I can't wait for!!

Movies: Poseidon (Warner Bros) (2006)

So I saw this a few weeks ago and really I wish I didn't! I thought it was very average. Main problem: Why was it so short? It was only 90 minutes - how did Warners spend, or more accurately waste $165m on only 90 minutes and only one genuinely spectacular set piece?

The film plays out like this:

Titles (including very nice unbroken tracking shot of the ship) - 5 mins

We meet all the main characters - maybe 15 minutes max

Wave hits, all crazy heck breaks loose - 20 minutes

3 not very thrilling set pieces / escapes - 30 mins

Our motley bunch of survivors escape - 20 mins

The End!

They really should have spent more time establishing the characters, as soon as the wave hit there was no time to do this and thus I felt no empathy for them at all and didn’t really care who lived or died. In fact two of the three main deaths are very obviously signposted; the first because we know nothing about him and we no one someone's gonna die and the second because they set him up to be a real bastard just before his death!

The set pieces although well staged were also quite un-engaging for some reason. The main tidal wave crash is very good though and quite visceral.

The SFX were good though and it was quite grisly for a 12A / PG 13, but it just seemed like such a wasted opportunity. And I can’t believe Empire gave it 4/5 when M:I3 and X3 both got 3/5 and IMHO are both far superior. I'm not a big fan of Wolfgang Petersen but I genuinely expected more from him.

Also finally poor Josh Lucas – he’s a decent actor but now after The Hulk, Stealth and now this flopping he's three for three(only $45m at time of writing OUCH!)I bet the studios are terrified of casting him in any more blockbusters! 2.5/5

Hot Music: Sergio Mendes - Timeless

The Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am is everywhere nowadays. If he's not making music for the Pussycat Dolls or Macy Gary, he's also producing Justin Timberlake's new album (with REDUCTION maestro and Def Jam hero Rick Rubin). Here he has teamed up with Brazil's iconic Sergio Mendes for a hip Hop flavoured Samba album. The record is full of guest stars including Q Tip, Jill Scott, Steve Wonder, John Legend, Timberlake and the BEP (who feature on the current single Mas Que Nada). You might think with the hip hop style and wealth of guest vocalists it might lose its Brazilian vibe but it never does and instead the urban styles add to it immensely.

My favourite track so far is the dancehall style Bananeira - now I don't really like dancehall but guest star Mr Vegas' verse are good but it's the chorus and music which make this track - pure Bossa Nova summer!

Man I love this album. 4/5

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Marvel Babies?!

I don't what this is but it looks fun!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Movies: Fanaa (Yash Raj) (2006)

It's been a while since I've seen a great Bollywood film - I only saw 2 last year at the cinema (The Rising & Salaam Namaste) and both were disappointing. Thankfully Fanaa is enough to restore my faith. It is a great film. The first half is Aamir & Kajol doing the usual light rom-com Bollywood thing but then the second half becomes a decidedly tense thriller. The film is beautifully shot (the Kashmir scenes were actually shot in Poland), the songs are great, the story is interesting, the humour is good, the drama even better and of course it goes without saying the acting is brilliant as expected from two such talented and charismatic leads. Hopefully this isn't the last Aamir / Kajol pair up! Kunal Kohli has totally surpassed Hum Tum and Yash Raj should be very happy with this.

Next stop Krrish, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Don and Dhoom 2! If they are as good as Fanaa then this is gonna be a good year for Bollywood! 4/5

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer 2006 Is Here!

I love Summer it's the best time for films - forget about boring autumn/winter Awards season and the spring graveyard, it's all about the big tentpole blockbusters! Who can't resist the thrill of teaser trailers and character specific posters and TV spots galore! Gigantic budgets! Licenses! Properties! Superstar directors! Bigger stars! Bigger effects and the fun of predicting which film will be the next big thing and which will be the next Catwoman. 2005 was a bad year for H'Wood but hopes are higher for 2006.

The big films this summer are set to be:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
The Da Vinci Code
Superman Returns
X-Men: The Last Stand
Mission: Impossible III
Over the Hedge
Lady in the Water
Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift
Miami Vice
And of course Snakes On A Plane!

Of course we might get the odd sleeper like Peyton Reed's The Breakup which knocked X3 of the top spot last weekend and Nacho Libre or even the Lake House which could very well knock Fast & Furious 3 out of the top spot in 2 weeks time, but generally the list above is what everyone's looking out for.

Personally I was looking forward to Brett Ratner's X3 (seen), JJ Abrams' MI:3 (seen) and Michael Mann's Miami Vice the most out of them but I'm sure I'll see a lot more! Here's to a good summer for me and for Hollywood!

Can't be any worse than last year! ;)

Round One: FIGHT!

Ok this is the first post so I have to make a good impression:

My name is Sumit and I live in London. I am 24 and I'm kinda bored - I always thought by the time I was 24 I'd be a millionaire living the high life yet bizarrely that hasn’t yet happened despite my best intentions. I wanted to set up a blog so I could share my fantastic opinions with everyone else on Earth. Everyone of importance has a web presence nowadays so it's about time I joined them!

I don’t know yet what this blog will be about but hopefully we'll have fun finding out.

Mainly it will be about what I love and above all I love films but not like how most people like films (Oh did you see that uhh move it uhh totally rocked uuhh you know the one with that dude from umm that other movie...) No I love films so much so that I can't wait for very Monday morning to see the weekend US numbers and studio appointments are more interesting to me than the latest Brad & Angelina goings on (well sometimes anyway) and forget this year I'm already anticipating next years films.

I also love music (mainly RnB & Hip Hop - doesn’t make me a rudeboy or thug or anything though), video games and lots of other stuff so this blog will feature whatever's catching my eye that day. I have a short attention span so expect things to change often. If you like what you see feel free to drop me a message and if you don’t, well lets just pretend you did and not mention it again...

Monday, June 12, 2006

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